Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cracking Shelby Up

This is what happened after Mommy talked to Shelby in one of her silly voices...

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Sandbox Fit For a Princess


Shelby loves to play with Play-Dough! I normally put her in the high chair, but the other day, I let her bring her table and a chair into the living room and use some of her dishes. We made green peas and pretended to eat them. We also made several different sizes of balls and snakes out of the purple Play-Dough.

Shelby's Smiles

Loving Timothy

Meet Timothy, the Cabbage Patch Kid. As you can see from the picture, Shelby loves him! Timothy is the oldest of Shelby's three Cabbage Patch Kids. He was actually mine first. I got him when I was 8 or 9 and decided a while ago to pass him on to Shelby. It's fun seeing her enjoy him so much!

Fun with Little People

Shelby really enjoys playing with all of her Little People stuff. She has several play sets and likes to pile all the people and animals into the school bus, driving it all over the house. The newest thing she likes to do is have everyone go to the circus to watch the farm animals and the circus animals perform. Sometimes the Little People do the performing!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grace Brewer

Last Friday, Grace Brewer went Home after a battle with cancer. I got to know Grace while at Covenant Fellowship Church. She taught the pre-schoolers' Bible class for years. I remember helping out in there and how all the little ones loved Miss Grace. A couple of years ago, a small group of ladies met together every week to play Skip-bo and visit. I went as often as I could and really enjoyed the time with Grace and the other ladies. Grace was genuinely interested in my life and things I was dealing with as a new mom. She had a lot of encouragement and advice to offer, and I was thankful for it.

Her memorial service was Monday at Downtown. The auditorium was packed with people who came because, as one family member said, Grace touched their lives. What a precious woman she was. I am so thankful to have known her.


We have been without the Internet for the past week. We (finally) got rid of White County Cable for both television and internet. Direct TV was installed last weekend, but our phone and DSL service through AT&T didn't get completed until today. So that's one of the reasons I haven't blogged much in the past few weeks.

Another reason is that we were sick last week. Shelby woke up with a fever on Sunday, the 10th. Her fever got up to 104, which really scared Mommy and Daddy! A flu test on Monday was negative, but because the tests are only eighty-something percent accurate, the doctor prescribed Tamiflu for all three of us, just in case. Channing had a cold the week before, and I came down with a pretty bad cough and cold on Tuesday. Shelby missed three days of Carpenter's Kids, and was so glad to go back today!

We are enjoying having Direct TV. DVR is a wonderful thing. No more commercials...woo-hoo!!

Tuesday night I saw 27 Dresses with some friends. It was really good to get out of the house, since I'd been cooped up for over a week. I also enjoyed going to the movies, even though it was at our not-so-nice movie theater.

I have taken a few pictures the past few days and will post some soon.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Life in Searcy

Things have been pretty good here these past couple of weeks. Carpenter's Kids resumed week before last and Shelby was so glad to be with her teacher and friends again. They have been studying the Creation story and today was Day Five. Shelby loves coming home and telling Mom and Dad what God made each day. She is so cute when she sings the song too! Mothers of Preschoolers resumed the same day as Carpenter's Kids. I am serving on the steering team again this semester and look forward to the ways God will use this ministry to touch the lives of moms in our area. Channing has been keeping busy with his clients at the agency as well as a couple new private ones.

Last week was crazy here, weather-wise. We had a terrible winds one day, destroying signs downtown, knocking down power lines, and all kinds of other things. The Reynold's Center at Harding University suffered a lot of damage as well. Check out the video here. Then, two days later, we had rain, sleet, and snow. Schools weren't shut down though, go figure.

Shelby and I went to Tennessee for a few days last week. We arrived Wednesday and visited with my parents for a short time before heading down to see my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. We had a great time at Nunda's. (Thanks for the pizza!) Shelby adores Aunt Nunda. We don't always get to see Nunda and her family when we go, and were glad we got to see them this time. Thursday Nona took us to the library and Shelby got to check out a few books and a Curious George video. Papa and Nona both read those books several times while we were there! Mom and I got a couple games of Scrabble in and I think we each won a game. Dad kept Shelby occupied with all the toys, books, and a little VeggieTales as well. Friday Shelby got a couple new dresses at Chocolate Soup. (Thanks, Nona and Papa!) We did not get to see my brother's family. They'd all been sick and it just didn't work out. Hopefully, we can see them next trip. While Shelby and I really enjoyed our time with family, we were glad to come home again. Shelby really missed her daddy, and was very glad to see him on Friday.

Channing surprised me with an evening out over the weekend. He arranged for Shelby to go to the Ransom family's house while we went to dinner. Shelby had as much fun as we did, and didn't want to leave when we went to pick her up. She got to attend her first Harding Academy basketball game and had so much fun. She kept saying, "Go Wildcats!" as we were leaving the gym.

Three other friends and I have started a prayer group that meets once a month. One of us works at the church building, so we meet in her office, allowing us to have privacy and not worry about what to do with husbands and children. I haven't been part of a prayer group in years and am really looking forward to it.

This evening was a horrible one for Arkansas. Several tornadoes ripped through the state, with seven confirmed fatalities at this time. Searcy did receive some wind damage, but it pales in comparison to other parts of the state. Please be in prayer for all the tornado victims.

Channing heads to Fort Smith for the day on Thursday. He's going to do a presentation for a friend's class at John Brown University. God has given Channing many opportunities to minister to people who are hurting, and I'm so thankful that he's willing to be used by the Lord. Please pray for his presentation, that it will go well, and bless the students in the class.

So, that's what we've been up to. Sorry that this long post has no pictures to go with it!