Sunday, June 28, 2009

All Smiles

Katelyn is such a happy baby! She smiles so often, melting everyone's hearts.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleepy Katelyn

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Shelby LOVES chocolate ice cream!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Rare Sight

Unfortunately, this is the only picture we have of Katelyn on her one-month birthday. I am not sure how that happened!

Katelyn is actually a wonderful baby. The only time she cries is when she is hungry. Nights are very easy, as I only have to get up once during the night. I have to feed her late at night, once in the middle of the night, and then early in the morning around 6.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shelby!

Today is Shelby's 4th birthday! We cannot believe how fast time has flown. Shelby is a joy to be around, and we are so thankful to God for giving us this precious little girl. We had her birthday party yesterday. Six of her friends came over to celebrate Shelby's special day. Shelby chose to have cupcakes again, so that was pretty easy for me. One of the moms who were here held Katelyn the whole time. (Thanks, Brittney!) Shelby was given some wonderful presents from her friends. We gave her a bicycle with training wheels. She was really excited about that, and did pretty good riding around our cove after all of her friends left. I had received a coupon for Build A Bear Workshop in the mail, so later yesterday afternoon we went to Little Rock so Shelby could get a new animal. She chose a precious bunny and named her Ruby, from the cartoon "Max and Ruby." We had dinner at Red Lobster before returning home. Shelby loved her shrimp! We had a wonderful day celebrating our sweet daughter. Here are some pictures from the party...

Monday, June 08, 2009


While we were in Memphis, Mom decided to have a family birthday celebration for Shelby. My sister's family joined us. Too bad David had to work late; we missed him and his family!

Shelby wanted cupcakes instead of a birthday cake this year. She loved eating her cupcakes and ice cream separately! Oh the things a little girl appreciates!

Shelby got an Easy Catch Game and a baby doll high chair from Nona and Papa.

Nunda's family got Shelby a Cinderella doll and a Princess Aurora wallet (with $4 in it!!).

Shelby says she's going to buy a Beanie Baby lizard that's at Hallmark with all of her birthday money! More stuffed animals...woo-hoo!!

The Pink Palace

Mom, Dad, the girls, and I visited the Pink Palace Museum while we were in Memphis. Shelby really enjoyed everything she saw. She was a little intimidated by the dinosaur bones at first, but got over that pretty quickly. We went this visit because Shelby has really been interested in dinosaurs lately, and the museum has a wonderful dinosaur exhibit. Unfortunately the exhibit was closed for repairs, so all Shelby saw were maybe a couple of skeletons, the old triceratops robot (that is no longer working), and some other kind of dinosaur robot. We stood outside the dinosaur exhibit for such a long time, watching the dinosaur robot. She loved it! We'll have to go back sometime with Daddy and see the dinosaur exhibit.

Shelby could not take her eyes off the circus long enough for a photo at first!

There we go!

Shelby and Nona with the fabulous dinosaur!

Katelyn's First Trip to Memphis

The girls and I went to visit my family in Memphis for a few days. The drive there wasn't so bad at all. Shelby listened to music or watched a movie and Katelyn slept the whole way there. The way home was a different story. We left for home later than planned, and ended up having to stop in Wynne for everyone to eat. That made for a long trip home, and a noisy one too. But, we had a great time and I'm glad the three of us went.

Wendy, her husband, and oldest daughter Kameryn came over to meet Katelyn while we were there. Chloe wasn't able to make it; we'll have to introduce her to Katelyn another time. Shelby really enjoyed having them over...she loves Wendy's family! I love this picture of Kameryn holding Katelyn. Two of my favorite girls in the world!!

Mom and Dad came with us to see my aunt Pat in Mississippi. My dad's brother, Don, was there as well. I don't know why we didn't get a picture of him with the girls.

John, Nunda, and Morgan came over to the house while we were there. Katelyn loved meeting Aunt Nunda, Uncle John, and cousin Morgan!! Shelby had a ball with them as well.

I think Morgan would have taken Katelyn home with him if he could have. He held her for quite a while.