Friday, October 31, 2008


Thanks, Aunt Nunda, for the great costume!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festival

This evening was the annual Fall Festival that our church always has out at a member's house. We had a great time! Shelby got to paint a pumpkin, go through a hay maze, and ride a horse with Daddy. We also went on a hayride together! What a fun ending to a great weekend!

Shelby's First Camping Trip

Before Shelby was born, Channing and I went on several camping trips together. For some reason, we stopped going after Shelby came along. We finally took Shelby on her first camping trip this weekend. We camped at Heber Springs, and enjoyed some great time as a family! Shelby and I checked out the surroundings while Channing put the tent up and got the fire going. Then we roasted hot dogs over the camp fire. Shelby wasn't real crazy about the fire, especially when the wind would change and the smoke would get in her face before we could move. Of course, we made s'mores. Shelby LOVES s'mores, just like her mommy and daddy do! Before bed, we sang praise songs around the camp fire, which was Shelby's idea. We even stood up, clapped, and danced around. I'm sure it was quite a sight! Saturday morning, we had a yummy pancake breakfast, and set out to do some hiking. We had lunch, and even took a nap before loading things up. What a wonderful weekend!

Campsite Pictures

Hiking in Heber