Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tuesday we went to Memphis for a quick trip to see Justin and Brook. We had a good visit with everyone. Brook and I got this picture taken together before we left Nunda's house.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Picture with Santa

See Shelby's picture with Santa here.

Pregnancy Update

Here's the best belly picture I have, taken at 25 weeks on Valentine's Day. I am 30 weeks and bit bigger now!

Back in January, we had an ultrasound and learned that we are having another girl. We are tickled pink, and look forward to meeting our second little princess at the end of May.

At the end of February I learned that I have gestational diabetes. I'm controlling it with diet. I have to check my blood sugar four times a day, which is not too fun.

On Tuesday I had an appointment with my OB. He is pleased with my blood sugar readings. I've lost about 9 pounds since the diagnosis, but that is okay since the baby is growing. She is a big girl, weighing over three pounds already. My OB says that if I go full-term, she will probably weigh 9 or 10 pounds. It isn't looking like I will go that long, however.

Please pray for my pregnancy...that I will continue to do well managing my blood sugar. Please pray that our baby girl will be healthy, able to come home from the hospital with us. Pray also that my condition will not turn into diabetes after the pregnancy.

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Special Trip for Shelby and Daddy

This weekend Channing and Shelby went to Texas to visit his family. I stayed behind, taking advantage of a quite house before baby #2 arrives. They had a packed weekend with Memaw and several other family members. Friday they had a ball playing at the park. Shelby enjoyed climbing, proving that she's quite the little monkey on a rope ladder! Saturday was spent at a science museum just across the border in Shreveport. They also enjoyed lunch with some of Shelby's cousins, aunts, and uncles. I think Shelby loved what she called "a date with Daddy to Memaw's house" - I enjoyed it too! :)